Vegas or BUST!

So- family vacation 2017 is Vegas! While I am extremely excited to get off island for a while, I seriously need a reset and get my body feeling healthy again! That starts with making some changes to what I put in my body. I am going to start with the paleo-ish diet for the entire month of February. If your not familiar – paleo’s main premise is to get back to what primal humans ate way back when. Meats, healthy fats, lots of veggies, and fruit. This means no grains, bread, super refined sugar sugar, dairy, and NO alcohol (yes, even wine, TEAR!). I have done stints of paleo very successfully in the past, and have no doubt I can do it again. If you noticed, I did say pale-ish. I add the -ish only because I know that sometimes some of my recipes will include small amounts of things that are not completely paleo, such as soy sauce or an occasional rice noodle. I have got some amazing healthy recipes heading this way, so stay tuned for my DelishUS and healthy meals to stay on track this coming month! Here are some pictures of past paleo creations I have made:


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