There is a first for everything, right? First DelishUS post is live!


There is a first time for everything, however, this is not my first time living in a new town, different house, or even moving across the ocean. For those who have found my blog and do not know me, I am the proud wife of a husband who is serving in the United States Coast Guard. I have been a stay at home mom to our two children for the last 8 years. Hailing from the Great State of Texas I like to think I have a deep and rich appreciation for foods of all different styles and backgrounds. I have always thoroughly enjoyed cooking and baking, and usually document my culinary creations on my personal Facebook page. Many times over people have stated I should start a food blog – documenting my creations and sharing the recipes that I test and love. So here – I will give it a try!

As a recent transplant from Wahiawa Hawaii to Kodiak Alaska – an island off the south east mainland – my family and I have taken in and loved the abundance of outdoor activities and plethora of animals to harvest for meals.


There will be recipes posted with traditional meats, as well as wild game and fish. I will share my victories, kitchen gadgets I love, as well as fails, because lets face it – everything does not work 100% of the time! I will also post about the different adventures we get into while living here in Alaska, and hope you enjoy the glimpse into Delish-Us!




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